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Alright, so you just started lifting you’re new to the gym, you have a crippling fear of being ridiculed. In reality nobody gives a shit. No one’s even looking at you.
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my gifs

Lmfaooooooooooooooooooooo …good shit


Take a Spain, a Germany, an Argentina and a Brazil, add an Italy, a Netherlands, a Portugal, an England, a Colombia and do not forget a Uruguay from next door, then toss in a Ronaldo and a Messi and a Neymar and a Suarez and a Robben and a van Persie and some fresh Colombians and Belgians and...

How strong does the 20th World Cup look?

Lmaoooo..come on now…Portugal ,England ,Uruguay , Colombia ???..for Portugal and England we all already know they are masters at doing shit at the World Cup or on the national level period …..now u got Uruguay and Colombia which are going in crazyyyy overrated ..Uruguay besides the last World Cup doesn’t play good at all..and falcao some how has made Colombia a world class team??????…yea…I’m calling it now..WATCH CHILE…that right there is some good /skillful/ attacking soccer..and then there is the always favorite Spain,Germany ,Brazil, …

279 plays Air War Crystal Castle


Crystal Castle - Air War

Was my shit from the 2008 euro cup game

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