I saw this comedy clip with bill burr and it made me laugh and realize what the hell is the popularity with yoko Ono for ..besides the fact she was john Lennons girl/wife idk..but I always see so many quotes from her and I think who the hell is she that she gets so much recognition ..but anyways bill burr blasts her saying that John Lennon redefined the definition of pussy whipped with her..and used a example where she is in the middle of his and some other dudes performance .. grabs the mic and does some fucking strange ass dolphin noises and he does nothing about it..anyways that shit was too funny


Dave Chappelle as “Black Bush”.


Abridged Black Bush. Easily one of the best skits ever. The quotability! I cut the Jamie Foxx part because I think it’s the least funny part and had to get under 5 mins. This is really for me, so I can watch this shit quickly after someone drops a reference to it somewhere and I just gotta watch it. 

On point^^^…the level of humor and accuracy with its satire is 10 stars..the quotes are more than plenty… “That nigga tried to kill my father ” hahahhaa

La vuelta al mundo - Calle 13 (x)

"Un idiota es el que cree que todos son idiotas, menos él".
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Pro Era - Bun N Cheese

PEEP: The aPROcalypse (2012)

Da jam

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